Meryl McMaster
Desired PathEquinoctial Line Under the Infinite SkyTime's GravityDream CatcherKeeper's Crossing Secret Darkness of BirdsWeight of the ShadowAvian Wanderer IAvian Wanderer IIAvian Wanderer IIINight FragmentsPhantom SilenceSentinel's SightColonial DriftColonial Drift
Essay written about Wanderings by curator, educator, and writer Jon Lockyer:

Artist Statement
J.R.R. Tolkien writes: “Not all who wander are lost,” in which he speaks of hope for the future and strength to ties with the past. To some these ideas are compatible and to others they are full of tension.

The themes in these images are those related to wandering, exploring the unknown and considering the limitation and possibilities of the self. A red thread or colour red follows me throughout the images illustrating this indivisible connection to home or the past, which informs me of who I am and possibly who I may become. This constant reminder of the inescapable factors that make us who we are – our past, our circumstance or our genes – can sometimes anchor us to a contrasting certainty.

Tethered as we may be to the past and all that makes us who we are, I still seek a world of boundless possibilities of who I may become. I’ve created dream-like images with imaginary creatures to act as my guides to enable the viewer to get lost within their own thoughts and return to their child-like nature to be free from restrictions and to be the person we dream to be.